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Heroes of Gaia

Bring the power to shake the world and command armies to your very own hands with Heroes of Gaia, the all new 3D turn-based strategy mobile game from Snail Games. Enter a fantasy world of magic and mercenaries, paladins and power-hungry warlords as you raise your forces in a bid to rule the land.

Game Features

★★★Ancient Scars, New Enemies★★★
The game takes place in mythical land called Rigaria. In the days before the Genesis, the land was ruled by the Arigus Holy Nation, but a war between the gods and demons led to the downfall of this ancient empire. Now, Rigaria is torn between 4 races locked in a struggle for dominance. As they battle for control, the four Rigarian races – the Humans, Elves, Undead and Barbarians – must also put aside their differences and unite again to fight against the demons that once again threaten the land.

★★★Raise Your Army, Conquer The Land★★★
Grow your hero and command your legions in an integrated strategy and RPG experience. Explore the land in the quest for precious resources and hidden wonders. In Heroes of Gaia, players may choose from 4 distinct races, with over 40 unique units and countless special abilities. Upgrade your forces and form your strategy on the road to victory.